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Business information can be a time-consuming area to get to grips with if you don’t have the necessary expertise in your organisation. And, if you have that expertise, having the resources to run new projects whilst still meeting your clients’ internal research needs can be hard.

Research Counts can manage projects for you or work as part of your team and can work on your premises or remotely. We enable your organisation to improve its services without increasing its headcount.

Read more about our Solutions for Corporate Information Teams and Our Solutions for Accountancy Firms and Businesses .

Won’t you pitch a cheap figure and then find cunning ways of charging me more?

No. All projects we carry out have a clearly-defined scope and cost. The only variable cost might be expenses but as we’re based in London, those costs are not significant.

Our stop-the-clock promise

We set out projects in stages and review them at the end of each stage. If the next stage cannot be justified for any reason, we will stop the project and not charge you further.

Our Independence Statement

Research Counts is independent of all suppliers. It does not receive commission from any of its recommendations.