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Research Counts

Research Counts supports corporate information teams, accountancy firms and businesses. We do this by providing training, practical support and consultancy services.

Solutions for Corporate Information Teams

Corporate information teams face many challenges and opportunities.

Whilst self-service research tools and web-searching have liberated information teams from many routine information retrieval tasks, end users frequently complain of having too much information and too little time to find the nuggets. And with a move to end-user research, there is a clear need to demonstrate the skills and knowledge that a corporate information team provides.


Our training enables you to add value to your research services by equipping your team with the tools and confidence to give your clients the insights they need.

We deliver training onsite, and also offsite in conjunction with recognised training providers. On every course, we allocate ample time to discuss issues specific to your organisation.

Practical Support & Consultancy

Corporate information teams need to trial new resources, stay close to internal clients and design and launch new services. But it can be hard to run new projects in addition to fulfilling your clients’ daily research needs.

We can provide cover whilst you work on new projects yourself or manage those projects for you. And we can work on your premises or remotely.

Project expertise includes:

  • Demonstrating a return on investment.
  • Running procurement exercises.
  • Obtaining independent feedback from your end users and recommending changes.

Solutions for Accountancy Firms and Businesses

Not every organisation is able to justify a corporate information department. However, without one, it can be hard to know if you are getting value for money on your information spend and missing out on new developments.

We are able to provide:

  • Support and guidance on purchasing your information resources, ensuring you get value for money whilst minimising the time you spend looking after them.
  • Access to business research and analysis.
  • Training staff on how to undertake their own research.
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